Kersti Niebruegge
The Zonderling

Home to achievers, dreamers, and a handful of schemers.
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Muskies. Lutefisk. Loons. Welcome to the Northwoods!

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Mistake, Wisconsin.

"Mistake, Wisconsin is a deftly crafted Wisconsin culture based novel that demonstrates author Kersti Niebruegge's impressive storytelling talents ideal for young adult readers. ...very highly recommended for personal reading lists and community library YA Fiction collections." — Midwest Book Review

"...debut author Niebruegge creates a light, humorous mystery filled with Midwestern references—cheese curds, lutefisk dinners, supper clubs, and high school sports—and a touch of Northwoods folklore." — Publishers Weekly

"...[Niebruegge] describes small-town shenanigans, all things fishing, and teenage observations of everyday life with an appealing satirical tone..." — Kirkus Reviews

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"[Niebruegge] is a gifted comedy writer, with the gems coming fast in this zippy novel. ... Her portrait of The Zonderling, however zany, feels both affectionate and authentic, leaving readers wanting more. A hilariously funny, compact volume about a hotel’s denizens that delivers well-aimed zingers—a winner." — Kirkus Reviews

Mistake, Wisconsin

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